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The 6 Best Speakeasy-Style Bars in Philadelphia

Tuesday, August, 02, 2022

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By Lee Romano Sequeira

Speakeasy-style bars have grown in popularity throughout the years, and who can blame them! With their exotic vibes, dimly lit and moody atmospheres, and sometimes creepy environment, speakeasies are a great way to spend the night. Whether you live in Philadelphia or plan on visiting for a night with your friends, these six speakeasy-style bars are some of the finest in Philadelphia and are the closest thing you'll find to a great night out in the city.

Hop Sing Laundromat

Residing in the heart of Chinatown, Hop Sing Laundromat is one of the most popular bars in the city. The bar is known for its beautiful drinks and cocktails, and adding to its aura is the fact that its owner Lê doesn't even disclose his name! Hop Sing Laundromat would be almost perfectly hidden if it weren't for the long line of visitors. With its popularity comes a list of rules intended to maximize your fun; no phones, cash-only, and no shorts allowed. But trust us, following these small sets of rules is worth it for a great night out.

1 Tippling Place

Another location that's tough to miss, 1 Tippling Place, is a great environment with an extensive cocktail list. No matter what you choose, you're guaranteed a wonderfully crafted cocktail, and you can even select from the lengthy and exotic menu options as well. This is one of the best choices for a relaxed and chill night out, with an environment fixated on relaxation and a calm vibe for people around Rittenhouse Square.

Vesper Sporting Club

Are you looking for a bar with a nice twist to surprise your friends? Vesper Sporting Club was founded based on a prohibition-era speakeasy, and while the main club isn't much of a secret, there is a secret hidden behind its walls. More specifically, behind a bookcase! This is where Vesper's private bar lies, where you can avoid the craziness of the main floor and surprise your friends or a date. How can you get in? Show off your conversation skills and charisma with the bartenders, and you might get a special code to get in. If you really want to play detective, keep an ear out throughout the night, and you might hear the code from one of your fellow bar attendees.

Ruba Club

A hidden bar location with a more specific culture and style, Ruba Club, was founded in 1914 by the Russian United Beneficial Association and created for Russian immigrants. While Ruba is a beautiful social club at any time of night, it's well known for filling up in the wee hours of the night with partygoers looking to squeeze a few more hours out of the night. While most attendees will have to pay a cover to get in, you can also get a membership if you fall in love with the Cabaret experience vibe of Ruba Club.

The Ranstead Room

If you like a good cocktail bar, The Ranstead Room should definitely be on your list. It might be a bit difficult to discover, but once you do, you'll find access to an amazing bar with cocktail options you never imagined possible. Bartenders are experts at creating some of the best concoctions, and you can ask about their popular drink, "The Bitter Darling". The dark, moody environment creates a romantic vibe that's perfect for a date with that special someone and is especially perfect during the cold winter months.

Palizzi Social Club

Last but certainly not least, we have the Palizzi Social Club, which opened in 1918 as a spot for Italian immigrants but evolved into an amazing destination for Italian cuisine. If good eats are what you're craving, this is the perfect spot for you, but be advised it is a members-only location. Fortunately, members can take up to 3 friends, so if you have a small group, you can still enjoy the famous raviolo vasto, along with plenty of the most famous Italian options.

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