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How to Avoid Hiring Victims, Liars, Bullies, and Saboteurs

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Start:   Thursday, April 4, 2019  10:00 AM
End:   Thursday, April 4, 2019  11:00 AM

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Event Features: Educational, Lecture

Neighborhood: Atlantic City, Center City



Overview: There are no groups of individuals who cause more trouble in a workplace than the bullies, the liars, the passive-aggressive people and the saboteurs. Those four types of people will run ethical, hardworking and talented people right out the door of an organization regardless of compensation, benefits, perks and work life balance.

Because employees cannot experience a good workplace life and employers cannot have a good workplace culture with these people.Saboteurs in particular can cause you to lose employees, as well as customers, funding and opportunities.

As we travel out and about our universes, we have all had occasion to wonder, 'Why on earth did anyone hire that person?' Alternatively, 'Why are they keeping that person?' Usually that person's manager is wondering exactly the same thing, or even, 'That's not the same person who came to the interview' or 'That's not the same person who temped for us for 6 months.'

They ask themselves over and over, 'How could I have known?' Nevertheless, this indeed is the same person and if the employer had known for what to look and the right questions to ask, they would have easily known to skip getting to know that person any further.

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