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Transform Your Life: Stay Positive, Reduce Stress, Improve Health

26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016-6104
26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016-6104 Aurora, CO 80016  
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Start:   Wednesday, July 25, 2018  1:00 PM
End:   Wednesday, July 25, 2018  2:30 PM

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Event Features: Business-Related

Neighborhood: Avenue of the Arts


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OVERVIEW We are all under more stress today than ever. Co-workers, employees, customers, our managers, or friends and family are under stress. Some people don't handle stress well, which adds to the stress of those around them. Working within an organization, the work environment itself may cause additional stress associated with the physical setting, workload, bureaucracy, and difficulties presented by others.
We know stress is not good for us. Chronic stress contributes to many of the most common causes of death. We all need to recharge our emotional batteries and release stress – always easier said than done. Learn simple and effective stress management techniques.
You may have already noticed how stress is affecting your work. Are you becoming more irritable or losing focus on important assignments? Is insomnia more of a problem or are you more reliant on sleep aids? Are you more likely to lose patience with colleagues or friends? Do trivial things seem to annoy you more? All of these are signs stress is starting to interfere with your life and work and the sooner you start relieving the stress the better. It will take its toll on you and is the root cause of death and illness for many people. Address it now before it's too late.
• Common stressors at work and home
• Looking for bright spots; creating new legends
• What holds us back?
• Stress inventory
• Harnessing stress for positive results
• Creating stress-relieving strategies
• Enjoying Your Life!
• Improve your overall daily function and performance
• How to increase positive thinking
• Identify your own individual major stressors
• Eliminate or reduce your major stressors
• Help your team, family, or others reduce stress
• Use the positive elements of stress to reach goals
• Enjoy your life.
• Those who manage others
• Those who are managed by others
• Those who run their own businesses
• Those in the helping professions
• Those who want to help their teams reduce stress.

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