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MAKE YOUR GRADUATE STUDENT DREAMS COME TRUE ON 09 December 2021, 16 December 2021 or 15 January 2022

Are you ready to discover which graduate program will help you succeed? The Access Online Masters events on 9 December 2021, 16 December 2021 or 15 January 2022 in your region will introduce you to top schools that want you in next year’s class. Choose any date convenient for you and join us online!

For the past few years, Access Online Masters has helped thousands of prospective graduate students find the best programme that meets their needs. Now you can speed up your student goals too. During the event, you will have the opportunity to talk to representatives from top-ranked and accredited schools from the US, the UK, Belgium, and more.

Our events are free and so full of new activities and interactive formats that you are sure to leave with a study plan in mind. But if you want more, you can have it. Participants can ask more questions and organize more meetings with schools even after the date of the event.

Top 3 event benefits everyone enjoys at Access Online Masters:

1. Personalized guidance and school orientation

Graduate schools are not a one size fits all. You need a Master’s program that matches your needs and preferences. During the event, you will have a personal education adviser to guide you to the best programs for you in Business, Management, Finance, Marketing, and many more. Whether you are just starting your search, or you already have some idea of what you want to study, the online event will make your choice easier.

2. Diverse workshops, presentations, and discussions

Webinars are not enough to help you pick a school. At Access Online Masters, you take part in a lively and interactive event with many different formats. Talk to school representatives from around the world, including Hult International Business School, Newcastle University Business School, Lancaster and Georgia State University during personalized video meetings. Learn the most interesting details about various Master’s programs during school presentations. Get ready for TOEFL, IELTS and other tests during practical workshops. You choose how to get to know top universities in an easy and insightful way.

3. Chance to win USD 1,000 for your studies

At the end of each season, Access Masters awards one prospective student with a scholarship of USD 1,000 to help them finance their graduate school studies. To be eligible for the prize, you need to be an active participant in the event. Sign up free of charge for either of the three dates and get ready for a new exciting future. You might just become the next scholarship winner for 2021 or 2022.

Sign up for free today and achieve your student goals on 9 December 2021, 16 December 2021 or 15 January 2022!

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