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Unwind and Savor Summer with Friends

Tuesday, June, 27, 2023

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By Lee Romano Sequeira


You're most likely aware that we at UpcomingEvents.com post a wide variety of happenings for you to share unforgettable experiences with friends -- or join us in the wild to make new ones! ;)

From exploring the world of craft beers, wine, and delicious cocktails, to immersing yourself in the sounds of live music -- our events are enjoyable, and provide the memorable moments you love to capture (and, always feel free to TAG us on social, because we love when you do)!

So grab your friends, raise your glasses, and let's dive into the world of these exhilarating events!

  • The Craft Beer Revolution:

Craft beer festivals bring together breweries and beer enthusiasts, offering a plethora of unique and experimental brews to sample. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts and fruity sours, there's a beer for everyone to enjoy. The atmosphere is always buzzing with excitement, making a beer fest the ideal setting for a fun day out.

  • Cocktails:

 We love stepping into the world of mixology where skilled bartenders craft exquisite concoctions using a wide variety of spirits, fresh ingredients, and innovative techniques. At many of our events, you can sample signature cocktails, and learn about the art of cocktail-making, but there's also nothing wrong with a vodka cran, rum and coke, or a gin & tonic!  Hey, you like what you like, and that's all good.

  • Wine Tastings: 

Wine tastings and wine sipping at festivals are an awesome way to explore the world of viticulture. Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or a novice eager to learn, you can sip on velvety reds, crisp whites, or sparkling gems. With the wide variety of wines available, there's usually something to please everyone in the crowd.

  • Groove to the Rhythm: 

Live music is MAGIC, right? We love when all of the above come together at our festivals! From rock and pop to jazz and electronic music, there's something captivating about a live performance! Sharing music with friends amps the enjoyment, and the bands feed on the energy of the crowd, so never be afraid to dance like nobody's watching!

Attending beer, wine, music, and cocktail fests with friends is what life is made of!  Gather your crew and get into the taste, sound, and the whole vibe, as these events become the backdrop for unforgettable moments. 

Imagine ALL of this in ONE DAY? Well, if you're in the Philadelphia area, you can!! Join us on September 30th for our signature event, The Philadelphia All-Star Craft Beer, Wine, and Cocktail Festival.

You don't want to miss this one! 

This Event Voted "Top 10" in the 10 Best Readers' Choice Award "Best Beer Festivals" in the country by USA TODAY the last 3 years - so, BE SURE TO JOIN US for the region's largest and most popular craft beer, wine, and cocktail festival - it's a one-of-a-kind ballpark live sampling & music experience!

In the meantime, CHEERS to endless sunshine, laughter, and the delightful flavors of summer, be sure to see what's happening near you at UpcomingEvents.com