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Are You A PISCES or ARIES? If so, you can get in FREE! All your friends MUST buy tickets in advance. If you sign up on this list, you just need to show up at the door, show your ID, and you will get in FREE! You will get 1 entry for whatever ticket type your friends purchased (Gen Adm, VIP, or Bottle Service). Yup, this is up to a $50 value - FREE!!!! Happy Birthday :)

RSVP / Guest List is now closed for this event. See you there or at our next party!

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 DJ Royale - The King of Party Rockin' is here!  More Info » http://www.djroyale.net

 Fireball was invented in Canada, where things can get very cold, so naturally people are looking for something hot! Our Master Distiller was experimenting with new ways to push the heat limit, and some might say he went a bit too far. Sparks and fireworks suddenly appeared. Still, being fearless (and under an impossible deadline), he mixed a cinnamon concoction with his smoothest whiskey, just taking a shot in the dark.  More Info » https://www.facebook.com/FireballWhisky

 In 2003 Nahui Ollin (pronounced now-we-oh-lean) was established based on a need we saw for "green" alternatives in fashion accessories. Since its inception, we have filled that need, maintained success and furthered our mission to provide ethical and fashionable items to our growing following of 'conscious' fashionistas. Check out all the options - you will be amazed!!   More Info » http://www.nahuiollin.com

 Born from the coffee culture, the good folks at BAI are passionate about healthy beverages that are nourished by nature. Our commitment to a healthy lifestyle begins with our line of thirst-quenching antioxidant infusions. Powered by the antioxidant wonders of the coffee berry, these mind-awakening beverages are the perfect fuel for your demanding day. Feel the infusion and experience the natural energy lift from the all-powerful coffee berry.  More Info » www.DrinkBai.com

 Jacquin's Whipped - the hottest & best tasting vodka on the market today!  More Info » www.jacquins.com

 The Running of the Santas is an annual bar tour. What started with 40 santas in Philadelphia has turned into a national phenomenon. The goal is to raise money for local charities while getting a lot of santas together for one big party. Live bands, great drink specials, a Hottest Santa Contest, and a short "RUN" (three blocks) is what makes the Running of the Santas something special.  More Info » www.RunningOfTheSantas.com

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